by Ivory Towers

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All songs by Ivory Towers.
Mastering by Greg Mindorff for Suite Sound Labs.
Thank you to everyone who supported. ♡
Nolite te bastardes carborundorum.


released November 3, 2016



all rights reserved


Ivory Towers Vancouver, British Columbia

Ivory Towers is the haunted music evocation project of Quinne Rodgers.

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Track Name: Hel's Belles
Once I saw my death
so I bought him a cigarette
and I waited for you to say
that I'm slipping out of my own hand
well, hold me back
and I know you won't understand
that it could be better
and all of those promises were lies

Before you go, say it again
say who you want to just give in

Before you go, say it again
say that you think it would never happen
before you go, say it again
say that you want to know how this all ends

Just like the tide
I've been biding my time
and just like the tide
I swallow the coastline

I want those lips to be blood red
I want those nails filed sharp as hell
I want the ashes
of all the castles
to fall in every mouth
that's called anyone lesser
to blanket the mountains
to overthrow
the empire
the empire
Track Name: no devil lived on
All the King's men
fall to the earth when their iron lacks worth
All the infantry
bursts from my skin like a thousand pins
Snap the blood drunk crown first

Fire won't help you

Whatever stands between our hands
you know it gets ripped away

The ocean of our teeth and fingers
every last weapon floreted
All of the King's taxes
buried beneath muddy branches
Track Name: Purity Control
Fraught on the waves
with every mistake
the tide in my mouth
this cargo's too heavy
floating on
a hospital bed
the doctor pulls the waves
back from my head

Hey, constantly
you'll fight for your own body

You said "wait for it"
and that you want me to bleed
I said I'll bleed when I please
and that this is not your bread to eat
it's lifted from my head

We're not supposed to talk about it
That's why we shouldn't stay quiet
I don't have regret
I won't carry yours for you
I never cried
and I won't for you

I have today
Track Name: Aether Ore
Alone at night
thoughts are the tar you step in
I think too much about oceans
everything you haven't seen
everything bigger than the house we live in
everything that would swallow me whole

Anything that touches you leaves a mark
anything on your skin sinks in
you can absorb me and breathe me in

This is what keeps me alive
Track Name: The Midgard Serpent (intro)
Can you bleed, baby?
Track Name: Barnacles Have No True Heart
If you won't be mad at me
I'll go now
I'll slip through your baleen
I want you to know
I'm covered in every
barnacle, you ever left on me
and that my heart will always drip at your feet

My heart is a black star

I could never tell if I was right
I could never tell if I had the right to be hurt
I could never tell if it was love

My heart

I lost myself quietly
What's given, what's taken
I didn't trust myself
I still don't, really