by Ivory Towers

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released November 4, 2014

All songs by Ivory Towers.
Mastering by Greg Mindorff.
Thanks to everyone for their support. ♡



all rights reserved


Ivory Towers Vancouver, British Columbia

Ivory Towers is the haunted music evocation project of Quinne Rodgers.

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Track Name: Where We're from the Birds Sing a Pretty Song
There's an echo
when you speak
but it won't
put you down.
All the ghosts
in the room
can't take a hold
of your arm.

the quietest steps
only whispering voices
a night will come
for us to live with ourselves

It will not have a hold on me

where we're from the birds sing a pretty song
our throats get held to show we're wrong
how much louder you speak
it will not have a hold on me

A swell
of the demons of Hell
couldn't knock me, I know Death too well
Track Name: The Dweller on the Threshold
Will your elbows and knees bend back
after my bus ticket is dead?
Neither of us will the sea protect

oh worry, your fate is to be foretold
out of guilt you initiate a touch
I'll pull the rope, I'll hold it down

Maybe it's a Shadow Self
maybe it's a Djiin
You need to stand up strong on the threshold

Let's get a better supply
Let's just forget that we're going to die
Track Name: Totem
hey maybe he
painted me in gasoline
I turned on myself like a harpy
my claws deep in the heart of me

hey look at me
carrying on with his mission
when will what he took from me
compare to what I've taken?

Ooo, the doorknob's hot, the doorknob!
Ooo, you're burning up, you're burning...
Ooo, the smoke nestles in
the stain is set

The dog's frantic barking
to the tempo my heart is beating
All this time running from the hounds
they've all been locked up on the grounds

When will what he took from me
compare to what I've taken?
After all that blood spilled
it could keep them busy for years

He will never see me
abandoning the mission
I've plucked the teeth from my heart
I've plucked the teeth from my heart

I am not dead
I'm breathing
We are not dead
We're breathing

Ooo, all the smoke that's lifted
It was the ghosts I'd harboured
Ooo, the Bay of Trust encapsulates us
I will not fall
Track Name: It's Not About Them, It's About You
it's time for you to let go
you know?
You're completely covered in blood
and it's all yours